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Color 10

Product Description

Smart Tabs™ are the easiest tape-in extensions in the market. Our redesigned tape-in method simplifies the way you apply, reuse, and wear extensions.

Smart Application. With Smart Tabs™ there is NO HEAT and NO TOOLS required to apply & its result is an undetectable feel and wear.

Simple Removal. Remove with ease and reuse with confidence up to 8 weeks per application.  

Superior Quality. Reuse up to 3 times with a simple re-taping process & freely mix and match colors with 6-Tab sheets. After every application, must allow 2-3 days before washing.  

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Sold by sheets containing 6-Tabs, a full application may require 10 sheets (60-Tabs total).


Watch how fast and easy it is to apply & remove Smart Tabs™ on Youtube.com/TheHairShopInc

Base Width: 40mm x 9mm

Texture: Made with hand selected Remy hair in medium-thick texture.

Style: Straight

Length: 22”

Weight: 2.2g (approx. per sheet of 6-Tabs)

Smart Tabs® 22" | MSRP $96 - $124

Due to different computer monitors/calibrations colors may vary slightly from the picture